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    Let me help you set up, optimise and improve an eCommerce business with Shopify at its core.


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  • What I can offer

    Need something you can't see? Get in touch and I'll do my best to help.


    Set Up

    Advice and support for getting set up on Shopify to begin with- or migrating from a different eCommerce platform.



    Adding in new services such a monthly subscriptions or integrating with your existing email system or accounting software.



    Creating a start-to-finish system that tracks your inventory, deals with customer service and reports the important numbers out to you so you can grow further.

  • Why use Digital Knowhow?

    I already work with a number of clients who use Shopify. Some who have set up from scratch, others who have migrated from systems such as WooCommerce and Magento. I have a good working knowledge of what Shopify can and can't do and also how it integrates with other business systems and functions.

    Why use Shopify?

    There are more fully-featured and robust eCommerce systems out there but few offer the ease of set up and breadth of support and applications of Shopify. With over 400,000 active Shopify stores on the internet their support and stability are second to none. If you want a straightforward eCommerce system that you can run and admin yourself then Shopify has to be part of your consideration.

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